What is the difference between the interval and endurance data fields?



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  • Tjeerd X. van Sitteren



    This is good but how about switching between the endurance and interval data fields?

    I have set up workouts like a slow long run and some Interval intensive and extensive but when I select the workout it asks me the question to use the 'Run" profile for that .. (Forerunner 235) I only have 1 "Run" profile next to indoor and bike profiles ..

    The other thing I really would like is the feedback after the run, I would like to see the color zones in my run, so when I push hard I would like to see that on screen. Now we have 2 graphs, 1 that shows the Hemoglobin Percentage and 1 that shows the Concentration over time or speed 

    Another thing that could be added is the cadence and stride length.


    Thank you for reading

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