How do I view my data on Garmin Connect?




  • alecmcq


    have just got my Humon, and did a short run to test it out. I got the data on my forerunner 235, into Garmin Connect. My question is: how do it see the calculated thresholds on my Garmin as I run, or on Garmin connect after my run? I am thinking the key benefit to this is to control a hard workout well in terms of not going too hard and managing recovery times. However, without the threshold data or colour scheme on my watch, how do I do that? Is the only way to see the colour codes to run with the phone app somehow visible? If so, is it only useful on a bike or treadmill?

    keen to get your feedback on my questions, as they are real life... 



  • Alessandro Babini

    Hi Alec,

    Thanks for your comment. You can currently only see the zones using our iOS or Android mobile app. We are however updating our Garmin data field to be able to display these colored zones as well as the %. It should be released in the next months.



  • alecmcq

    Thanks, Alessandro. I would think this is pretty critical, as without it, this makes the Humon very limited in its benefit. Do you currently recommend trying to establish our own thresholds through running with the app, and then apply them to a workout or race via the Garmin? Is there a way to set the Garmin up to alert you if you go over/under a defined threshold?

  • Alessandro Babini

    We currently recommend using the app to have access to the colored training insights! There is no way to set up Garmin alerts yet but it is on our user feature request list!


  • Devin Knickerbocker

    Alessandro, it also would be great to be able to see the muscle oxygen color coded graph in Garmin Connect as well (i.e., the one that shows muscle oxygen percent vs. time throughout the workout, that's viewable in the workout history tab on Humon app).

    This would be very useful because you could overlay it on top of your power data in Garmin Connect in order to pinpoint the exact moment where you flip from "approaching limit" to "limit"

    Thank you!

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