How do I see the Hex data on my Garmin?




  • Leonardo Clavijo

    Have the humon app on my garmin 735 while it is trying to find the hex but nothing happens after pressing twice the hex button.

  • John

    Great! Thank you. I pretty much read every page on the site. Not sure how I missed this 🤪

  • Quinton Westlake

    Does the data get displayed similar to the app in reference to the colours and zones (eg, blue, green, orange, red etc). Will the data come up coloured on a Garmin 935 watch whilst working out?

  • Rick Zwetsch

    Is there a secret to downloading the Humon data fields to a Forerunner 235? I've downloaded and synced via Garmin Express and the Garmin Connect iOS app. I don't see those fields anywhere.

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