How do I start/stop a workout?




  • HG3

    My Hex is prematurely stopping my workout -- it did it times during a 1 hour session this morning.  It asks me to rate the workout and gives me the option of ending the workout.  Any ideas what might be causing it to think that the workout is over (my phone is sitting on the treadmill, so I am no accidentally hitting the stop button)?  Is there a way to resume the workout when it goes to the "rate your workout screen"? 

  • Alessandro Babini


    Thanks for your question.

    The app stops the workout prematurely when the phone loses connection with the Hex and cannot reconnect within 30 seconds. Was the phone always close to you on the treadmill during the workout?

    There is currently no way to restart a workout once it has been stopped, but I'll add this to our feature request list.


  • Jim Holte

    My Hex won't stop my work outs and is lumping them all into one work out even though I have tried to stop the segment.

  • Devin Knickerbocker

    Hi!  When the hex is calibrating, i thought that "dont' move the hex" meant don't move it around on your thigh. However, does it mean that you should rather try to be still and not moving while the hex is calibrating?

    I ask because earlier today, I tried to do an FTP test, and because i did a warmup first and then rolled right into the ramp test, I was sitting on the trainer cycling while the hex was calibrating for the test. Was that wrong? Should i have not been cycling while the hex calibrated?

    The reason i ask is because i rode until failure during the test, and the humon data afterwards showed me as being in steady state the entire time. so as far as i can tell, either (i) I gave up too early (although i don't think i did; i was well above the power value for my last 20 min field test), (ii) the Humon maybe needs a little while to "learn" my physiology or (iii) i calibrated it wrong.


    Thank you!

  • mike white

    IMO the app needs  start, pause, stop  and cancel options within any given session.

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